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Stars turned into dj


Shaquille O’Neal is the basketball legend-turned-bass DJ who really needs no introduction. The massive music lover has proven his career as DJ Diesel is no flash in the pan or passing phase. With performances at Tomorrowland, a residency at Wynn in Las Vegas and his succesful series of Shaq’s Fun House events, he’s proven that Diesel is not only here to stay, he’s here to take over, and he’ll work toward dance floor domination with a 20-date Summer League 2019 tour.

“I always say there are two things that bring people together: Sports & Music,” Shaq tells Billboard Dance. “I happen to dominate at both. I miss my NBA days, but to me, DJing is like a sport. My rookie years as a DJ are over, and when I get in the booth on this Summer League tour in front of 100,000 people, it is like game seven all over again.”


Kristian Nairn, or as we all know him as Hodor in Game of Thrones is well and truly living his best life: DJing at a pool party in Las Vegas.
We actually sau Nairn 2 times at UNTOLD Festival and we tell you that, it’s raving. Actually he has been doing it for the past 20 years but found success for his…let’s say complicated role in GoT. So, after he (SPOILER ALERT) died few seasons ago he build up a bigger set, Rave of Thrones.

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