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Why EDM is so popular?

Disco was the dance music of the past. It has died a natural death and has now been replaced by Electronic Dance Music which is popularly referred to as EDM. From radio air time to festivals, from collaboration with A-list artists to increased social media presence, EDM musicians are just raking in all the attention, along with the money, from just about every place on the planet.

If you are not an EDM fan yet, then the below discussed reasons for the immense popularity of EDM may help you change your mind and heart.

1. EDM is the life of every party

There is no genre of music that is better to dance on than EDM; it helps create the mood and enjoy the party to the fullest. A party without EDM is now considered as no party at all!

2. EDM and the Youth Connection

The most preferred choice of youngsters all over the world is EDM. Check the playlist of any youth and you are sure to find it replete with different kinds of EDM tracks.

3. Diverse line-up of EDM artists

EDM is a genre of music that is practiced by some of best DJs and musicians in the world. The leaders of the pack are David Guetta, Avicii, Calvin Harris, Major Lazer, and Tiësto. Pick up any track such as Guetta’s ‘Titanium’ Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’ and listen to them.

4. EDM has now become a new genre of music

EDM is now categorized as a real genre of music with several sub-genres. The followers and fans of EDM are crazy and almost fanatic due to the fact that it offers music for every type of ear; there is EDM music for those who like breakbeat, ambient, electronic rock, and more!

5. EDM and presence on social media

EDM fans all over the world share their knowledge about EDM and the latest happenings in the EDM world via videos, posts, and lots more! There are also numerous media platforms that permit followers to post their comments about different EDM tracks and their love for it. It also allows fans to share their varied experiences with live-EDM dance parties and do lots more!


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